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Anya Stillness
Her ways are strange and Off Putting
2nd-May-2008 08:04 pm - Not Dead Yet!

Hey all! I am taking over here. 

First off I want to offer many thanks to 

aladriana for her hard work in this fantastic comm, and I want to do it justice.


 So my goal is to get people excited here! I have a couple of ideas, but I'd like to get some thoughts from you all on what you'd like to see in this comm.

Stay tuned for a poll on that and please feel free to post comments of thoughts you may have. Comments will not be screened.

Back to Reality
It might be possible to pump new life into this community, but I get the feeling I'm not the one to do it.

Let me know :)
30th-Mar-2008 02:30 am - Winner: Doublemeat Palace
Back to Reality
Winner : stepinsidelove

And everyone, don't forget our current and come-back challenge: Dead Things was due tonight.

I'll give it another week, because I forgot to do the midweek! Now Due April 6th, midnight.
24th-Mar-2008 09:13 pm - Challenge 02: 01 Dead Things
Back to Reality
Here we go, kinda starting over!

Make up to four icons
Still only
Use caps from the link or find your own
Due March 29th, midnight PST

We had 8 people want to keep this open...

18th-Mar-2008 03:48 pm - Hiatus
Back to Reality
I love this community, it was the first icon community where I was co-mod.

I'd like to keep it open.

Poll #1156443 Keep open?

Would you like to see the community remain open?

Yes, but with more timely challenges etc
Yes but with...(add your comment below)
11th-Mar-2008 06:30 pm(no subject)
Back to Reality
Make up to four icons
Still only
You may blend or use stock images
Due March 16th at midnight
Use caps given or find your own

Dead ThingsCollapse )
10th-Mar-2008 12:45 am - Doublemeat Palace : Vote for 1
Back to Reality
Vote for 1 favorite.

1. 2. 3.

The new challenge will go up Monday or Tuesday.
3rd-Mar-2008 11:08 pm - Extention
Back to Reality
DoubleMeat is now due March 9th at midnight.

We really, really need more icons.
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